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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  March 28, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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out the door with a little bit of good news, a check of weather and traffic. we'll talk to julie watts and we can finally put the umbrellas away don't you think? >> doesn't it feel good? >> i love being the bearer of good news this morning. yeah, we are definitely seeing conditions dry out with a little bit more sunshine later today. highs in san francisco near 60. 64 oakland, 65 concord, 64 in san jose. we'll see a northwest breeze pick up this afternoon at 15 to 20 and we're talking temperatures near 80 degrees later this week. i have details coming up. we are getting word of our first accident of the morning but we are not seeing any slowing yet. northbound 101 before the capitol expressway in san jose, the rest of the bay area still looks good including 280 through san jose. hopefully we won't see another nasty commute. we had a lot of them last week. commuters were getting tired of the weather. so far, except for that accident we are off to a nice start. we'll have more and check out highway 4 where we're starting
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to see a little slow traffic there, as well. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. not one, but two floods hitting a coastal community in santa cruz county. kiet do is in capitola where they are still trying to get an idea of just how much damage was done. kiet, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sydnie. that's the big question right now, how much damage and really who is going to pay for it? over the weekend the city of capitola declared a state of the emergency here in the downtown area which means for starters they will be paying for two weeks of hotel rooms for the evacuees and they will also let their clean-up crews park here on the streets at the meters for free. on saturday, a wall of water came gushing through the downtown gray a busted storm pipe area from a busted storm pipe flooding out 40 homes. it was the second break. it came from a culvert that ruptured when 9" of rain fell. that hole was created on
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thursday when the pipe failed for the first time. now a number of mobile homes are yellow or red-tagged and now they are a pile of rubble. many housed elderly people. >> the red cross is going to help them for two weeks. what's going to happen after that? >> everything has to be out of here. >> reporter: on the streets of downtown capitola there are piles of warped and muddy and soggy hardwood floors and carpet, as well. so we're seeing a lot of garbage trucks come and go and the city says pipes should be fixed in a week. >> we hope we didn't have any more rain before then. kiet do, thank you, in capitola. in san pablo there is an emergency declaration homes slipping on a rain soaked hillside. several houses on hillcrest and wyman have suffered damage as a result of the land giving way. three homes have been yellow- tagged, limiting access.
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city inspectors say that while the soil is still moving, those homes aren't showing any new signs of cracking. the city says the dry weather ahead though may help stabilize the hill. well, mud has been cleared from the tracks so ace train service will resume today. debris from a landslide ended up on the tracks thursday. trains are back in service today. a woman who used to be barry bonds' mistress will testify today about bonds comment on steroids and how his body changed over time. sharon chin is in san francisco now with the preview. >> reporter: good morning. kimberly bell, a key witness for the prosecution today in the bonds trial, barry bonds' ex-girlfriend expected to say that told her before the 2000 baseball season that he was using steroids. in what could be sensational testimony, she plans to tell the jury she witnessed mental
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and physical changes in the slugger, including acne on his back and shoulders, bloating, hair loss and changes to his genitals. bonds is accused of lying to a grand jury in 2003 when he testified he never knowingly used steroids. other witnesses scheduled to take the stand for the prosecution this week in the bonds trial, giants clubhouse manager mike murphy, expected to describe the increase in bonds' hat size, the team's former trainer stan conte will talk about his interactions with bonds and physical changes he noted in bonds. and mike wilson a special agent with the irs is expected to testify about a box of folders he seized from balco laboratories and how bonds' urine sample was handled. finally personal shopper cathy hoskins set to tell how she saw bonds injected with steroids by his former personal trainer greg anderson, who is in jail for refusing to testify against bonds. trial starts again at 8:30 a.m. at the federal courthouse. the second week of the trial
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actually. >> yes, it is. and it's getting a little more interesting, too, to say the least. >> reporter: oh, yeah. >> sharon chin, thank you. we are going to hear from president obama this afternoon about america's military mission in libya. the president will be speaking from the national defense university in washington. white house says mr. obama will talk about what the u.s. policy in libya will be. critics from both parties are saying the president never asked congress for approval before taking military action and hasn't given them a clear plan yet. the president is expected to speak at 4:30 p.m. our time. we'll have coverage right here on cbs and continuing developments on libya on the cbs 5 eyewitness news at 5:00. and, of course, at our website, let's check weather and traffic. we'll start with julie watts. julie, good morning. a dry monday, certainly a welcome change. >> absolutely. we all have sunny dispositions this monday because we have sunshine on the way.
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we have some patchy fog, in fact visibility down to three- quarters of a mile in santa rosa. but elsewhere partly cloudy skies making way for more sunshine this afternoon. 47 pacifica right now, 49 oakland and 44 in concord. as we head into the afternoon hours, warming things up mid- 50s to mid-70s depending where you are. 65 fairfield and concord. later this week, we're talking 80s. first let's start with today. breezy conditions this afternoon increasing clouds with a slight chance of showers to the north bay tuesday. but then drying out with more sunshine wednesday and thursday peaking near 80 for the warmest spots. then we start to cool heading into the weekend with another chance of showers on saturday. now a check of traffic with elizabeth. >> a traffic in fairfield. unfortunately in the commute direction. it is westbound 80 right around red top road. we think that one lane is blocked right now. we are in off the seeing any slowing yet as you make your way through there. we'll continue to follow that one. another accident, 101 approaching capitol expressway
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northbound 101. that's already cleared to the right shoulder. so now 101 and 280 which you're looking at right here look okay through san jose. guadalupe parkway delay-free, as well. the san mateo bridge starting to get more crowded in the westbound lanes but so far, so good between hayward and foster city. and mass transit is on time. back to you. >> thank you. a bizarre investigation in the east bay. a bomb found in a newspaper. the warning neighbors got after one man was injured. we have a live report coming up. plus, a showdown in court today with pg&e. what it needs to prove to save millions of dollars. and the nuclear crisis in japan gets worse. the discovery of radiation now leaking into the ocean when we come back.
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for my dry skin, ordinary body washes just aren't moisturizing enough. [ female announcer ] new gold bond deep moisture, with 7 moisturizers and 3 vitamins. the body wash that moisturizes like a lotion. a sunny disposition this morning. because we have sunshine on the way. mid-50s to mid-60s areawide through alameda, 60 in san francisco with increasing sun
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and breeze this afternoon. temperatures near 80. back to you guys. >> thank you. a hidden device inside a newspaper explodes in a man's face. that blast forced an entire vacaville neighborhood to evacuate yesterday. nick janes is in that same neighborhood with the latest on the investigation. nick, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, sydnie and frank. the evacuation order has since been lifted so people are back in their homes this morning. but they are nervous picking under the morning paper. a guy picking up his neighbor's paper in the neighbor's yard, that's the crater after the newspaper exploded in his face. the man is 80s, said to be recovering at a nearby hospital this morning with serious injuries. it's unclear exactly why he was picking up his neighbor's newspaper. the guy who lives at the house says he doesn't know why there was a bomb wrapped into the newspaper, either and says he doesn't believe he was specifically targeted. in any case, it must have been a powerful blast because they found debris a block away from
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where we're standing now on cashel circle. they evacuated the neighborhood, brought in the fbi, atf as well as bomb squads. they were searching to make sure there weren't any other hidden bombs in the neighborhood. finding none, they have at this point determined this to be an isolated incident. they are still searching for suspects and we don't have any suspect descriptions and as far as we know, no arrests have been made, frank and sydnie. so the investigation continues this morning into the bizarre and rather frightening incident. >> did anyone speak to the neighbor and ask him if his neighbor was taking his newspaper on a daily basis or a one-time deal? >> reporter: it certainly is something that i would like to ask him. frankly, i haven't had a chance to speak with him personally. yesterday he said he didn't know why he was doing it and whether it was a regular thing. at this point, you really have to wonder about that but we don't have anything definitive
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to suggest one way or another whether it was something happening a lot or a one-time thing. >> all right. nick, thank you very much. nick janes in vacaville this morning. 6:13. an adoption scam targeting innocent parents. this morning, we're hearing from the california couple caught right in the middle of it all. plus, abercrombie slammed for a new product it's selling. the controversial items marketed to young girls. and traffic nice and light roy now at the bay bridge toll plaza. coming up, we'll update you on an accident in fairfield and check mass transit after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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g and e will appear at a hearing today... and tell an administrative law judge why the utility should not out the door, partly cloudy skies, patchy fog for folks in the north bay, visibility down three-quarters mile. increasing sunshine later today. northwest flow drying things out and clearing out the clouds. breezy however later this afternoon. northwest winds about 15 to 20 miles per hour. the changes are moving in. we have this ridge building offshore. and as it moves in, it will bring with it warmer temperatures and clearer skies. but we have one little caveat. this weather system waiting in the wings is going to scoot over the ridge tomorrow bringing with it a chance of showers for the north bay and
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clouds for the rest of us but by wednesday and thursday we are bumping up temperatures 15 degrees over today. that's 59 in half moon bay, 64 campbell, 65 los gatos and 63 milpitas. east bay 65 in brentwood, 65 walnut creek, 63 in berkeley today. north bay will see more sunshine later today but again waking up to fog this morning. 64 petaluma, 60 san anselmo and 64 mill valley. now, your seven-day forecast shows a little bit of everything, a roller coaster if you will. increasing clouds for tuesday with a slight chance for the north bay for tuesday. wednesday we dry things out start to warm things up. we're talking near 80 for the warmest spots come thursday, cooling down friday in time for another chance of showers on saturday. now for a check of your roadways, here's elizabeth. >> thank you, julie. well, it's dry, that is the
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biggest difference today than last week. cruising this morning between hayward and foster city, no problems. we have seen a couple of accidents. we'll get to them in just a minute. but all of them have been cleared to the right shoulder. nothing blocking lanes. mass transit is off to a great start for bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain. everything so far reporting no delays. the usual slow spots off the antioch bridge, looks okay. once you get closer to a street we see slower speeds to loveridge. if you are continuing your ride westbound 4, pittsburg, concord, towards 242, speeds improve a lot. looks good actually all green on our sensors. a little bit of slow traffic as well starting to see brake lights coming out of the altamont pass and our drive time has changed to yellow, as well. almost 20 minutes between the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. i mentioned a couple of earlier accidents including this one in fairfield. this one is cleared to the
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right shoulder, never created backups. westbound 580 at red top road you may still see chp off to the right shoulder. but again, all lanes open on those westbound lanes of 80 approaching red top and we'll take you outside. live look at the south bay. so far, so good coming out of downtown san jose in the northbound lanes of 280. if you are about to it had the road on this monday -- if you are about to hit the road on this monday morning, remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's your weather and traffic. back to you. >> thank you. officials with pg&e will appear at a hearing today and tell an administrative law judge why the utility should not be fined millions of dollars. last week, the state public utilities commission decided to fine pg&e $6 million. it's because the utility missed a deadline to provide pipeline safety records. pg&e says it may need the rest of the year to gather those
6:20 am
documents. officials in japan say contaminations of sea water in soil near that damaged nuclear plant may be spreading. contamination is showing up a mile further north than before. a nuclear agency suspects radioactive water from the plant is leaking directly into the ocean. today workers resumed pumping out radioactive water from several buildings. that has to happen before they can restart the cooling systems. a tsunami warning is lifted after a new 6.5 earthquake monday morning japan time. no serious damage was reported. 6:20 the time. so when do you start feeling over the hill? the vast difference between the men and the women out there coming up. >> and help is wanted at facebook. why the social networking site wants to hire robert gibbs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. dry roads. two things making your commute on the bay bridge, no wind advisory. more coming up in just a few minutes. sacramento landlady convicted of killing three of her tenants in the 1980s died in prison. she stole the social security checks of her elderly tenants, killed them and buried their bodies in the backyard. police dug up 7 bodies.
6:24 am
she was serving two life sentences. the jury didn't reach verdicts on several counts. puente was 82. an adoption scam targeting innocent parents this morning we're hearing from the california couple caught in the middle of it. hidden camera investigation by cbs news into a kansas city woman has uncovered this adoption scam. the con woman is roxanne jones. she would deceive prospective parents by saying she was pregnant with twins. she said she was willing to give them up due to financial problems. one of jones' victims, a california couple, said that the joy of a potential adoption made them overlook many red flags. >> you really want to believe. that's why you ignore them for so long because this is something we wanted for quite a long time. >> much more on this story coming up on "the early show" beginning at 7:00 and you are going to see the full investigation tonight on the "cbs evening news with katie couric."
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abercrombie & fitch coming under fire this time for selling pushup bikinis for 8- year-olds. take a look. the swimsuits are in abercrombie's spring collection. these are with padded brass for children between 8 and 14. moms and child development experts are slamming abercrombie for sexualizing kids. no comment from them. women are starting to feel old at the age of 29. gray hair, sagging body parts. men don't start feeling over the hill until they are 58. >> they don't admit it. it's not that they feel it. they don't admit it. >> i guess not. but their signs of aging, poor performance in the bedroom and admitting music in public places was too loud. this is according to a new study by, what else, a funeral plan provider. now, what in the heck is he doing? >> i don't know what they are trying to sell there.
6:26 am
very interesting. it is 6:25. coming up, crushing the social media movement. how silicon valley are helping the internet crack down in the middle east. a bomb in a newspaper explodes in a bay area neighborhood. could it happen again? the search for more hidden explosives when we come back. and a lot of finger- pointing and mopping in downtown capitola as the city cleans up its second flood in a week. we have the story coming up. >> barry bonds' ex-girlfriend expected to testify today in his perjury trial. the potentially embarrassing testimony expected. that's coming up. and we have sunshine moving in later today. we have temperatures warming up, as well. mid-50s to mid-60s areawide with the possibility of some 80s later this week. more on that coming up. ♪ have a good daisy ♪ eat well, live long
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kohara. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us on this monday, the 28th of march. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. happy monday. time now is 6:29. let's kick it off with a little weather and traffic. julie watts finally has some good news for us. >> instead of green on doppler, we have blue outside.
6:30 am
take a look at this as we look off towards the bay bridge from up top our studios here in san francisco. clear skies, making way for sunshine for later today. warmer temperatures this week. we'll see temperatures 15 degrees warmer later this week. we'll talk more about that coming up. but first a check of the roads. they were look great earlier today but a few sore spots out there, right? >> yeah. we have had a couple of accidents. everything is cleared to the right shoulder. so accidents not really a problem but they just did turn on the metering lights at the bay bridge so slight delays in the middle lanes, nothing too bad yet. no puddling like last week. so so far we're off to a better start today than any day for the morning commute last week. the silicon valley drive looks great, as well. westbound 237 so far, so good leaving milpitas. quick trip all the way towards san jose. and mass transit is also still running on time for bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain. more traffic coming up in the
6:31 am
meantime back to you. >> thank you. the search is on for someone who hid a pipe bomb in a knew. an elderly man was injured in the north browns valley area of vacaville yesterday morning. the explosion rocked the neighborhood. it happened when the man in his 80s went to pick up his newspaper. vacaville police evacuated more than 40 homes in the area. they warned people not to pick up newspapers or anything else that might be suspicious. they had plenty of help, too, in searching for more possible explosives. >> we have on the scene right now -- we have the travis air force bomb squad. the alcohol, tobacco and firearms folks are here, as well. we have some bomb-sniffing dogs and some x-ray apparatus. they are checking the neighborhood for any other devices. >> that elderly gentleman actually allegedly picked up his neighbor's newspaper. no other suspicious items were
6:32 am
found. and the neighbors were eventually allowed to return home. no suspects right now. potentially damaging and embarrassing testimony today in the barry bonds perjury trial. the former slugger's ex- mistress will be taking the stand for the prosecution. let's go to sharon chin in san francisco with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. kimberly bell is expected to take the stand today. we could be seeing some potentially sensational testimony from her this morning. bell is expected to tell the jury that bonds told her he was using steroids before the 2000 baseball season. she is set to say she saw changes in bonds' genitals and other mental and physical changes including acne, hair loss and bloating. other witnesses are scheduled to testify this week in bonds' perjury trial that include giants clubhouse manager mike murphy, expected to note how
6:33 am
bonds' hat size grew larger. stan con at this time former team trailer, stan conte set to describe physical changes he saw in the slugger. irs special agent mike wilson is expected to testify about a box of folders seized on a search warrant at balco laboratories. and bonds' personal shopper kathy hoskins plans to tell how she saw bonds injected with steroids by his former personal trainer. these are the key witnesses this week for the prosecution as it tries to show bonds lied in 2003 when told a grand jury that he did not knowingly use steroids. the trial begins this morning at 8:30. it's actually the second week of the trial here at the federal courthouse. sydnie? >> sharon, thank you. sharon chin in san francisco. it is 6:33 now. and it's dry this morning but this morning a state of emergency on the santa cruz county coast because of all the flooding down there. kiet do is in capitola which was hit by two floods in three days and joins us now. >> reporter: good morning. the city says they will be
6:34 am
working around the: 00 try to make this right -- around the clock to try to make this right and they will be talking to fema about how to get federal dollars in downtown capitola but for starters they will be paying for two weeks worth of hotel room stays for evacuees and will let clean-up crews park at the city parking meters for free. now, on saturday, a wall of mud and water came rushing through the downtown area flooding out 40 homes and several dozen businesses in the capitola village area. this was the second failure by the same pipe. the water came from an underground culvert at the bottom of a 20-foot hole. the hole was created on thursday when the pipe failed for the first time. now a number of homes are yellow- or red-tagged and now one is a pile o rubble. >> i think there should be a recall of every city it politician in capitola. >> if you stop doing maintenance on steel pipes that
6:35 am
have been rusting for 40 years and don't replace that you will have this. >> reporter: so all morning long we have been seeing dump trucks coming throughout downtown area here with molded out and soggy hardwood floors and rugs just piled up here on the sidewalks. so they will be cleaning up for at least a couple of more days. and the city says they should have that pipe finished in about a week or so. we'll have to wait and see. >> at least they got some of sunshine. that's good news. kiet do life in capitola, thank you. speaking of sunshine, good news for all of us i would think because we have had a lot more -- a lot of rain out there. let's go to julie with a look at our monday morning back-to- work forecast. >> good morning. we have more sunshine heading our way and hoping to get that pipe fixed in capitola before next weekend because we have another chance of showers in the forecast next weekend. in the meantime we are staying dry this week. 48 in san francisco, 44 livermore. we have some very low visibilities, some dense fog in areas of napa, santa rosa,
6:36 am
portions of the north bay so keep that in mind out the door. otherwise, sunshine the story areawide. warming things up to near 60 in san francisco. 62 redwood city. 65 concord later today. looking at the next seven days, something for everyone. today we'll see more sunshine although northwest winds picking up 15 to 20 this afternoon. the next chance of showers next saturday. now for a look at the roads, here's elizabeth. >> all right. roads and mass transit just getting word of new delays for bart. slight delays. five- to ten-minute delays and just on the pittsburg-bay point line as well as dublin- pleasanton line. everything else into san francisco is on time. also looks good for ace, muni metro and caltrain. all right. out to the bay bridge, word of a stalled big rig blocking a lane. tow crews trying to clear it out. metering lights on five minutes ago so starting to see some
6:37 am
delay. looks like you can actually see some flashing lights there. looks like a tow crew is trying to head to the scene. the rest of traffic is stacking up beyond the first overcrossing. northbound 280 so far looks great out of downtown san jose. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. protestors in many middle eastern countries have used social media to aid their causes but some governments are using technology created in silicon valley to limit the protests. kcbs radio's matt bigler reports. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking about companies based here in silicon valley that make web filtering products that are being used right now by countries in the middle east to basically send to the net. let me give you a couple of examples. mcafee the maker of antivirus software they make a web feltering product that has been sold to internet service
6:38 am
providers in bahrain, saudi arabia and kuwait. and sunnyvale-based blue coat systems has provided hardware and technology to bahrain and the united arab emirates according to the "wall street journal" which reports this morning that this censorship is blocking communication between anti-government activists. now we talked to our kcbs tech analyst larry magid about this. he says the makers of these web filtering products usually can't control how their customers are using them. >> i don't think that intel which owns mcafee or any of these other companies ever intended their technology to be used to keep political dissidents in line or to keep people from sharing their ideas with folks in other countries but the technology you can use to block the web can be used to block any type of site. >> reporter: we do have a call out to intel for comment on all of this. anti-censorship advocates say there needs to be some way for these companies to monitor how the products are being used and
6:39 am
then they can decide whether or not they want to be complicit in some of this censorship. back to you guys. >> thank you, kcbs radio's matt bigler. president obama taking to the airwaves this afternoon to explain the military mission in libya. the president will be addressing the nation from the national defense university in washington. the white house says mr. obama will talk about what the u.s. and our allies are doing and what the u.s. policy in libya will be. republicans and some democrats are critical of the president for not coming out with a clear plan in libya. the president is expected to speak about 4:30 p.m. our time. we'll have coverage on cbs and continuing developments on libya on the cbs 5 eyewitness news at 5:00. it is taking virtual reality to a whole new level. nintendo's 3-d videogames are hitting the store shelves grand in comes with a warning for young kids. >> plus, waking up filthy rich. wouldn't that be a great dream. the winners of the $319 million
6:40 am
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welcome back to the "early edition." we have a sunny forecast for you today a little bit of a switch. take a look at that. not a cloud in the sky let alone rain this morning. we have some fog in the north bay, starting off beautiful for this monday. taking a look at your planner out the door this morning. as i mentioned, we are seeing some patchy fog especially in the north bay this morning inland locations so be mindful of that. clouds will clear, breezy this afternoon, northwest winds at 15 to 20 miles per hour later today. northwest is the key. that is a drying flow. part of the reason we'll see more sunshine and warmer temperatures and this my friends is just the beginning. high pressure building offshore and as it does it's going to push inland over the next few days bringing with it warmer temperatures and clear skies. before we get there, though, i
6:44 am
have to throw in this caveat. this little weathermaker in the pacific is going to skirt over the top of the ridge as it builds. tomorrow i think it will bring a few more clouds for most of us and the chance of a slight showers or slight chance of a shower for the north bay come tomorrow but short-lived because we do see more sunshine building in. in fact, these temperatures increasing by 15 degrees by thursday. 59 half moon bay. 62 los altos, 63 fremont and milpitas. east bay temperatures similar. 65 walnut creek, 64 antioch. north bay folks are starting out with low clouds and fog this morning but you will see sunshine later today. 64 petaluma, 60 san anselmo and 63 in vallejo. seven-day forecast shows increasing temperatures wednesday and thursday. friday we do start to cool down and saturday the next chance of showers. for a look at traffic, here's elizabeth. thank you, julie. first we want to take you
6:45 am
towards walnut creek. it southbound 680 right before the 24 interchange, it sounds like there is an accident there. we just got a call from jim with the expect who tells us that traffic is beginning to stack up to north main. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's it sounds like that stalled tractor-trailer is still out there blocking the number 15 toll lane. so in our last traffic hit we saw a tow crew heading to the scene. minor delays behind it. the metering lights were turned on just after 6:30 but it still looks okay from the incline towards the "s" curve. and coming down the eastshore freeway not too bad of a drive either. bart dealing with slight delays as well just on the pittsburg- bay point bound line as well as the dublin-pleasanton-bound lines. five- to ten-minute delays. all bart lines head offing into san francisco on time.
6:46 am
no delays on ace, muni metro. chains required on interstate 80. this is a beautiful picture of traffic not really moving much near truckee. a lot of snow on the ground. so chains are required on interstate 80, not required on highway 50 or 88. and, of course, things can change at any time. so remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. well, the market hopes last week's rally can continue into the final week of the quarter. jason brooks is off for the week but ashley morrison joins us from new york where the dow is coming off its best week since july and this up morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. consumer spending and income increased in february but people also paid more for gasoline. according to the commerce department consumer spending rose at the fastest pace in four months. but a big part was the higher cost of gas. there is a worry that hire pump prices will cut into consumer
6:47 am
spending elsewhere. on wall street the dow is already up by 37 points. the nasdaq is also climbing by 4. we'll get a check of some local stocks here for you. qualcomm is in the green by 10 cents. alumina higher by 28 cents. toyota resumed production this morning at some of the hardest hit factories in japan. the plants that opened today make mostly hybrid vehicles like the begs selling prius and have been closed since the earthquake. still, analysts warn in the weeks ahead consumer options for japanese vehicles will grow limited here at home. buyers may have a hard time finding the model they want in certain colors as supply lines run short. social security recipients won't be getting help from the government next year. a small cost of living care adjustment will be wiped out by increasing medicare premiums. add wells fargo to the list
6:48 am
of banks cutting back on rewards program. they will stop enrolling new customers but customers already enrolled will earn points. jpmorgan chase cut its program last week. other big banks are also considering similar moves. new guidelines out this morning for teens and social media. the american academy of pediatrics is warning about facebook depression which could affect kids who can't connect with friends online. other problems include cyberbullying, inappropriate content that may harm self- esteem and "sexting," sending or receiving sexually explicit message or images. nintendo is betting big on 3-d. on sunday, they introduced a nintendo 3ds a hand-held 3-d gaming something system that doesn't require you to -- gaming system that doesn't require you to wear glasses. it also takes 3-d photos. earlier reviews are pretty good. it costs $250. i still can't understand how you can see it in 3-d without
6:49 am
the glasses. >> the glasses are cool. >> hopefully they have a tester i can check it out at a store, especially with 3-d photos, too, right? >> one more gadget for you. >> i know. right. >> ashley morrison with thank you for joining us. and you talk about surprises, the final four is now set in the ncaa tournament. if your brackets are broken you are a brackettologist in in a big way. out of nearly 6 million people who filled out their brackets, cooler air mass two got the final four teams correct. it starts next saturday. and a reminder the stanford women play tonight against gonzaga in the elite eight. if stanford wins it would be the team's fourth consecutive appearance in the final four. and by the way, they have already beaten gonzaga earlier this year. so good luck to the cardinals.
6:50 am
well, he had a high-powered job in the white house and now he may have a new career at a social media giant. >> former white house press secretary robert gibbs is in talks to join the facebook staff. that's right. gibbs is said to be up for a senior role on the website's communication team. his salary could be in the millions of dollars including a cash salary and possibly company stock. time now is 6:50. a potential game changer in the barry bonds perjury trial. >> the slugger's ex-girlfriend taking the stand today. we are live at the courthouse with the steroid secrets that could come out today. and if you have a story idea or comment you would like to share with us, all you have to do is email [ male announcer ] yiayia may not approve of an unmarried couple living together.
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you are going to hell. [ male announcer ] but yiayia approves of them eating athenos greek yogurt. mmmmmm! because athenos is made the greek way, never using preservatives or artificial flavors. athenos. maybe the only thing approved by yiayia. until cortizone-10 intensive healing eczema lotion. the power of cortizone-10 plus restora helps heal my symptoms. cortizone-10 -- feel the heal. in the slugger's perjury trial. ed to give graphic the former mistress of barry bonds is expected to take the witness stand in the slugger's perjury trial. she is expected to give graphic testimony about changes she observed in the slugger's fiscal appearance. sharon chin is in san francisco with a preview of today's testimony.
6:54 am
sharon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. kimberly bell headlining the prosecution witnesses today to kick off the second full week of the federal perjury trial. barry bonds' ex-girlfriend is expected to say that he told her he used steroids before the 2000 baseball season. he is also set to describe physiological changes she saw in bonds including changes to his genitals, hair loss and acne. other prosecution witnesses today, giants clubhouse manager mike murphy to describe the growth in bonds' hat size, the team's former trainer stan conte to talk about other side effects due to performance- enhancing drugs, mike wilson to talk about evidence seized at balco laboratories and cathy honest cathy another witness will talk about seeing him inject steroids. sharon chin in san francisco, thank you.
6:55 am
a vacaville man is injured after being struck by a bomb hidden in a newspaper and it went off in his hands. the explosion rocked the neighborhood yesterday. it happened to a man in his 80s picked up his newspaper. vacaville police evacuated more than 40 homes in the area. officials at pg&e will appear at a hearing today and tell an administrative law judge why the utility shouldn't be fined millions. last week the state public utilities commission decided to fine pg&e $6 million because the utility missed a deadline to provide pipeline safety records. pg&e says it may need the rest of the year to gather those documents. and this afternoon, we are going to hear from the president about america's military mission in libya. the president will be speaking from the national defense university in washington. the white house says mr. obama will talk about what the u.s. policy in libya will be. the president is expected to
6:56 am
speak at 4:30 p.m. our time today. we'll have complete coverage right here on cbs and continuing developments on the libya situation on the cbs 5 eyewitness news at 5:00 and, of course, you can follow it all along at our website, 6:56. let's get you out the door with some wonderful news that will make you smile if you have been carrying around that umbrella. put it away. >> i love being the bearer of good news. i'm everybody's friends today, last week not so much. >> that's true. >> top of the start off this weathercast with some mypix. this one sent in by my father. this is capitola. the picture on the left is saturday. they saw 2.5" of rain on saturday. as you know, the village flooded. that is good samaritan anthony burt carrying my stepmom through the floodwaters. >> oh, my. >> now on sunday, the photo on the right is my little sister, my father says his favorite daughter, helping to clean up. this will be going on for quite some time. and again they are hoping to get that pipe fixed obviously
6:57 am
this week sometime. we have more rain coming next saturday or at least the chance of rain coming next saturday so we are hoping that that does get fixed up before next week but you can see just how much rain we saw and the destruction left behind here so thanks to my dad for sending those in. we want to talk about the great news. for capitola and everyone, we're trying out for the next week or so, so today sunshine, mild temperatures, we will see a northwest breeze pick up this afternoon. and 15 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow, a weak system passes by to the north, possibility of some showers for the north bay, a lot of us will see some more clouds but all in all, relatively dry compared to what we have seen. and then wednesday we start to see more sunshine, by thursday we're talking temperatures in the low 80s for some of the warmest spots. friday we do start to gradually cool things down. the next showers are saturday, keep in mind, still a ways out. i never bet on anything longer than three or four days when it comes to weather models. stay tuned we'll talk more
6:58 am
about that later this week. elizabeth? >> the roads are looking good except for this problem in walnut creek. actually jim with the kcbs phone force first alerted us to this. it's in walnut creek again southbound 680 right before the 24 interchange. jim tells us it is slow and go from at least north main. we are picking up slowing on our sensors through that stretch, as well. so thank you, jim, for that. in the meantime outside live look at 280 traffic out of downtown san jose, so far, so good across the south bay. 101, 280, both look good. the bay bridge toll plaza, let's see, they just cleared a big rig out of lanes. it was stuck in the number 15 lane for a while but the metering lights have been on for a half hour. you can see those backups extend now beyond the west grand overcrossing in almost all lanes especially those far right lanes. that is where that big rig was stalled. san mateo bridge, you're cruising here in either direction across the span, about a 14-minute drive between hayward and foster city. and we just learned that bart is back on track after some
6:59 am
earlier delays. they have 60 trains all running on time. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. what would you do if you struck it really rich? >> you mean the traffic gig doesn't make me rich? [ laughter ] >> uhm, what would i do? i would probably quit. [ laughter ] >> she's honest. >> i don't know. i mean, you know, just relax, take it easy. go to the beach. give it some to charity. lay in the sun. >> we could find out today who hit the mega millions jackpot. >> a winning ticket was sold in a convenience store in albany, new york. no one claimed it yet but there are reports a group of seven state workers bought the lucky ticket and will take a lump sum payout. each winner will get $20 million after ta


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